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Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom
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Walt Disney Worlds Animal Kingdom is home to a wide variety of fun and exciting attractions. As the name suggests this theme park is home to an astonishing amount of exotic animals. In 2008 Animal Kingdom was ranked the fifth most visited park in the entire U.S., so when choosing a theme park, realize that 9.54 million park guests enjoyed this theme park before you! Animal Kingdoms Central Icon is the massive Tree of Life located near the center of the park. This huge tree can be seen from nearly everywhere in the Walt Disney World Resort. At the base of the tree carved into the trunk are some of the most unique animals in the animal kingdom. If you look closely at the tree you can see some characters from the movie “The Lion King.” Around the entire park are a wide variety of unique and exotic animals, for this reason school and educational groups often visit the park. While introducing you to a fun filled adventure into the hearts of several jungles Animal Kingdom strives to teach you everything there is to know about their special animals in the most creative and fun way possible!

Animal Kingdom is dedicated to the ongoing relief effort for animal conservation, and hopes to influence park guests in the understanding of saving some of these exotic animals. You will often here of the problems the animals face in the wild, and what humans have introduced to their habitats. Often times you can find these animals out of their cages, the handles and park employees often let these animals exercise, and when doing so you can pet, hold and have great photo opportunities with these animals!

Much like all of Disney’s theme parks Animal Kingdom is divided into separate areas, each zone holds its own unique set of entertainment. Animal Kingdom is home to seven separate areas, these areas are; the Oasis, Camp Minnie-Mickey, Rafiki’s Planet Watch, Africa, Discovery Island and DinoLand U.S.A. Visit each of these when you purchase Walt Disney World Tickets!

The Oasis: Every Walt Disney World theme park has a special area dedicated to the entrance of the park. This makes it easy to meet up with friends and family and often holds the shops and concessions for Disney merchandise and park souvenirs. The Oasis is just that, located at the very entrance to the park this wide expanse is home to a wide variety of animals, and introduces you the parks wonderful, lush environment. Here you can often times find handlers and park employees taking out animals for exercise. This is a great photo opportunity, get up close encounters with some of the worlds most exotic creatures, play, touch and interact with all kinds of animals!

Camp Minnie-Mickey: This jungle camp is home to a variety of Disney characters. Here you can find Minne Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Pluto and More! All dressed in their jungle safari gear this is a fun and entertaining way to interact with the characters. Here you can find great photo opportunities and some of Animal Kingdoms most exotic animals. One of the draws to this area is the Festival of the Lion King show, a live stage show that depicts the great Lion King Movie!

Rafiki’s Planet Watch: The only way to access this area is on the Wildlife Express Train. The Wildlife Express Train takes you behind the scenes of all the nature habitats, this allows you to see exactly what goes behind keeping these animals happy. Once you arrive at Rafiki’s Planet Watch you have entered the care taking zone. Here park employees are participating in the every day maintenance of keeping the animals happy. Through a looking glass you can see how the doctors are treating the animals in their day to day check-ups. You can watch instructional videos and view the animals through video cameras located in every cage!

Africa: This East African village is named Harambe, here you can journey into the plains of Africa and see some of the most exotic of animals in their natural habitat. Animal Kingdom has put an abundance of effort into recreating these African habitats, and now you can take a ride on the Kilimanjaro Safaris Jungle Tour. This tram ride takes you through the jungles and plains of East Africa, where you can see lions, hippos, giraffes, rhinos and more!

Discovery Island: This area is located at the center of the theme park and is home to the massive Tree of Life. Nearly every area of the park is accessible from this area. Here you can find dining areas and concession stands. One of the draws to this area of the park is the 4-D show “Its tough to be a Bug! A fun filled adventure with the characters from the hit Disney movie “It’s a Bugs Life!”

DinoLand U.S.A: This strange and lost world is home to a large selection of Reptilian animals, from tortoises to alligators, snakes to lizards, whatever it is you can find it here. One of the prime attractions to this area is the large Dinosaur facility, where you can learn and experience everything there is to know about dinosaurs. With interactive entertainment you can explore the dinosaur world with your hands, eyes and ears!